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Sales and Income

Sales and Income

Instructor: Lauretta 17 May, 2019
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The Course Curriculam

Adding in a new customer
Adding in new customers to your QuickBooks is really important, you will be able to track all those transactions for that particular customer. Lauretta walks you through how to add in customers manually

  • Adding in a new customer

Customer imports
Customer imports can save you a lot of time by importing customers into your QuickBooks by a .csv file. Lauretta shows you how to do this quickly and accurately

Lauretta discusses when to use a Quote or an estimate or a bit. This will help your customers decide if they want to use your services or buy your products and confirming the price you will charge out. Great for big jobs or projects or even the smallest products if your customer prefers to do business this way.

Invoicing is easy in QuickBooks if you know how and if everything is setup correctly. Lauretta shows you how to change a Quote into an Invoice, also explaining what is a Sales invoice and how this can help you manage your customer's outstanding amounts. Also giving you some tips n hints along the way.

Receiving money from our customer's invoices, Lauretta shows you a practical exercise of paying invoices outstanding manually and also by the bank feeds. Tips along the way as well using the search button to find transactions.

Sales receipts
Lauretta explains the difference between a Sales Receipt in QuickBooks and a Invoice, and when you should be using them. Bonus Lesson: How to set up a Sales receipt on the fly and also from the Form section. Tips along the way!

Managing Customer Sales
Lauretta shows you how to manage your customer's outstanding sales in QuickBooks. Tips on saving reports to favorites so they are at your finger tips, as controlling your outstanding sales is very important for your cash flow in your business!

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  • 2 years ago
    This is a great course for beginners in game development. I feel that I learned a lot here. Moreover, I have gained a big desire to continue learning about creating games.