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Managing QuickBooks Banking Centre

Managing QuickBooks Banking Centre

17 May, 2019
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Bank feed setup
Processing transactions hasn't been easier with QuickBooks Online by setting up your bank feeds sync to your QuickBooks then you can match and add the transactions. This ensures accuracy. Lauretta shows you how to setup bank feeds giving you a few examples of different banks.

  • Syncing Bank feeds to your QuickBooks

Managing Bank feeds
Processing transactions in QuickBooks is so much quicker than a manual transaction when using bank feeds. Here Lauretta explains to you how to process - either via a Match, Add or transfer from the Action column. But there's lot more that Lauretta covers off giving you live examples what can go wrong and how to fix these when processing your bank feeds. Showing you how to set up Rules, Lauretta's tips on these. Starting to understand your Profit & Loss so seeing real action once transactions have been processed and what happens to them, where do they go!

Bank reconciliations
Why is it so important to reconcile your Bank Accounts in QuickBooks Online or any accounting software? I see this quite often when helping business owner’s clean up their file, that they just didn’t know that they had to reconcile – well you don’t know what you don’t know is what I say!

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