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QuickBooks Online Setup and Payroll Setup


Lauretta Finis Consulting provides seamless QuickBooks Online setup and expert payroll configuration for accurate financial management and efficient payroll operations. Regardless which one you need Lauretta can get you on your way – Choose the “Setup Option” from the below Options to read more please scroll down to Description.

  • Option 1 – Setup Basic QuickBooks online
  • Option 2a – Setup payroll 1-5 employees
  • Option 2b – Setup Payroll 1-10 employees
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Lauretta Finis Consulting specializes in delivering seamless QuickBooks Online setup services for long-term success, accompanied by expert payroll configuration to ensure accurate and efficient payroll management.

Lauretta will tailor the QuickBooks Online setup process to meet the specific needs of your business. This includes importing data, configuring accounts, syncing Bank feeds, and establishing payroll items and tax withholdings, all designed to optimize your financial management. By availing Lauretta’s services, you can streamline your bookkeeping processes, track income and expenses effectively, and gain valuable insights into your business’s financial health.

The expertise of Lauretta Finis Consulting extends to payroll setup, where she will navigate the complexities of QuickBooks Online payroll with precision. Configure employee profiles, tax withholdings, and payroll schedules to ensure accurate calculation of wages, deductions, and taxes. This not only saves you time but also minimizes errors in your payroll management.

With Lauretta Finis Consulting’s assistance, you can confidently manage your financial operations, knowing that your QuickBooks Online setup is optimized, and your payroll management is accurate and compliant with relevant regulations. By entrusting your QuickBooks Online and Payroll setup needs to Lauretta, you can focus on the growth and success of your business with peace of mind.

Choose from the following setup’s

 Option 1) Set-up to include the following Basic Setup:

  • GST Setup
  • Account settings to suit your business
    up to 3 bank / credit card account feeds setup
  • Chart of Accounts (COA) tailored to your business- 30 accounts setup: Income – Cost of Sale – Expenses – Assets – Liabilities – Equity
  • Bank feeds setup up to 3 bank accounts – Lauretta will do the initial setup with you over zoom as bank details have to be entered. **note this does not include transaction processing or training of bank feeds – please choose your training
  • Business User setup
  • Up to 5 Service’s/Products set up- required for Invoices
  • Invoice / Quote templates within QuickBooks
    Plus, feature setup that you haven’t even thought of
    Setup new QBO file as above – service fee $550.00 + GST (upfront fee)
  • **Advanced Features: **Not included in above price – Classes & Locations – Projects – Inventory – (email for quote separately)

Option 2) Payroll setup & Single Touch Payroll (S.T.P.)

  • Individual employees details up to 5 employees
    Super Clearing setup in QBO
    Single Touch Payroll connection to ATO for reporting
    Option 2a Fee: to setup 1 – 5 employees on Single Touch Payroll and Super Clearing House $250.00 + GST (upfront fee)   –    Option 2b Fee: to setup 1 – 10 employees on Single Touch Payroll and Super Clearing House $450.00 + GST (upfront fee)




Option1, Option 2a, Option 2b

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